CK619 Carburetor Kit for Zenith Model 62, 162

CK619 Carburetor Kit
Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.
Includes printed instructions.
CK619 Carburetor Kit
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f064 Float

f064 Float

f090 Float

f090 Float


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  • Allis Chalmers
    G-262, G-2800, G-262, G-2500, C, CH, CR (Gleaner), G-262, D-19, G-262, 12893 (4514151), GT-2800, 190, 190XT
  • John Deere 55
  • I.H.C. U-372, U-450
  • Schramm WVD-35 Compressor
  • Waukesha 195-GK, 195-GKU

Float bowl gasket: 4 11/16" in length. There are some carburetors that have what looks like the same gaskets, but are a different length.

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