CK5311 Carburetor Rebuild Kit for Holley 2140G

CK5311 Carburetor Kit
Made in USA. Ethanol compatible.
Includes printed instructions.
CK5311 Carburetor Kit
Canadian Dollars

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f084 Float

f084 Float


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Autocar 6 Cylinder


Engine / Model

Carburetor Number

1957 - 58

490A ENG C65, C6764-OH, C87D-OH, C9564, -OH, C10364S-OH

R-1448A (632991), R-1594A (639007), R-1594-1A (642716)


Diamond T 6 Cylinder

1953 - 55

XL501 ENG 830

R-864A, -1A, 1AAS (131873-R91), R-977A (134876-R91)


Hall-Scott Truck 6 Cylinder

1955 - 56

590" ENG

R-1067A (4095O2)


International 6 Cylinder

1954 - 76

V-401, V-478, VS-478, V-549, FTV-549, VTV-549, VS-549 ENG

R-987A, -1A, -2A, R-1348A, -1A, R-1967A, R-1968A, R-2361A, R-2406A, -1A, R-2407A, R-2408A, R-2460A, R-2461A, -1A, -2A, R-2486A, -1A, -2A, R-2634A, -1A, R-2669A, 1A, R-2702A, -1A, R-2760A, -1A, R-2869-1A, R-3023A, R-3448A, R-3518A, -1A, R-3666A, R-4337A


White 6 and 8 Cylinder

1955-59 460A,470A,490A ENG 3000T,4000T, 4200T,9000T,WC-22T SERIES R-1053A,R-1169A,R-1170A,R-1290A,R-1291A, -1A,R-1292A,R-1359A,R-1448A,R-1449A,R-1589A, R-1590A„R-1591A,R-1592A,R-1593A,-1A, R-1594A,-1A,-2A,R-1595A,-1A,R-1596A, R-1597A,-1A,R-1669A,-1A

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